Launching Luganda on the Common Voice platform


Mozilla is helping build Luganda voice technology (for free) via its Common Voice project. Anyone can go to the Common Voice website and record sentences for the project. We need as many speakers and accents as possible in order to create robust technologies. Donate your voice now.


There exists no open speech datasets for local languages. The few existing resources are copyrighted. That stifles research and innovation in developing voice technologies for local languages.

Luganda has been launched on Common Voice, a project to help make Luganda voice recognition technology open and accessible to everyone. The Common Voice platform encourages contributions from various local community members. This will result in the largest representative (age, gender, accents, etc) voice dataset that anyone can use to build innovative voice technology solutions which can work for every Luganda speaker.

What is Common Voice?

Common Voice is Mozilla’s attempt to help to democratize speech technology. It has been launched to help address exactly these biases and subsequent inequalities in technology accessibility. Since launching in 2017 we've made unparalleled progress in terms of language representation: There's no comparable initiative nor any open (CC0) dataset that includes as many (importantly, also under-resourced and under-served) languages, making it the largest multilingual public domain voice dataset.

Common Voice Community Work Flow

How we did it ?

We took two main steps to add Luganda to the Common Voice project:
  1. Translate the user interface and information into Luganda
  2. Collect text sentences which users will read out-loud
  3. Voice Mobilization

In order for quality technologies to be created for the Luganda language, we need more voices!

Anyone can record and donate sentences for the Common Voice project, and the more voices we get, the more accurate the technology becomes.

Donate your voice today!